Dear reader,

​Here at the close of our 2016-2017 cycle for regular submissions, and just before the start of our next year (beginning with the opening of our annual contest on June 1st!), we at ALR are delighted to share with you our new masthead for the coming year. In addition to our regular turnover of staff, we are thrilled to welcome our new Editor-in-Chief, Jehanne Dubrow! We would also like to express a sincere and heartfelt thanks to our outgoing Chief, Bonnie Friedman. A thousand thank-yous, Bonnie, for your vision and stalwart dedication to ALR! Our thanks to you as well, reader, for your support and enthusiasm for the work of everyone here. We can’t wait for the year ahead and all it will bring!

ALR Staff

American Literary Review
Masthead: 2017 – 2018

Editor-in-Chief: Jehanne Dubrow
Managing Editor: Conor Burke
Production Editor: Sebastián Páramo

Fiction Editor: Ian McGuire
Fiction Editor: Miroslav Penkov
Fiction Editor: John Tait 
Assistant Fiction Editor: Spencer Hyde
Assistant Fiction Editor: Ross Wilcox
Fiction Contest Editor: Rebecca Bernard
Fiction Contest Editor: Jaya Wagle
Nonfiction Editor: Jill Talbot
Assistant Nonfiction Editor: Virginia Wood
Nonfiction Contest Editor: Ruby Al-Qasem

Poetry Editor: Bruce Bond
Poetry Editor: Corey Marks 
Assistant Poetry Editor: Matt Morton
Poetry Contest Editor: Leah Tieger
Interviews Editor: Stevie Edwards
Reviews Editor: Kimberly Garza
Reader: Ruby Al-Qasem
Reader: Rebecca Bernard
Reader: Justin Carter
Reader: Kimberly Garza
Reader: Allyson Jones
Reader: Joshua Jones
Reader: Andrew Koch
Reader: Clinton Crockett Peters
Reader: Jim Redmond
Reader: Leah Tieger
Reader: Amanda Yanowski
Reader: Claire Yoo
Copyeditor: Allyson Jones
Copyeditor: Erica Peterson
Copyeditor: Sanderia Smith
Copyeditor: Jaya Wagle
Editorial Assistant: Matthew Higginbotham
Submittable Intern: Sarah Pruitt