We’ve hosted our annual contest in fiction, essays and poetry since 2003. This year, we’ll be announcing the Rossetti Broadside Prize as well. See our dropdown menu for information on both contests. We hope you’ll consider submitting, and in the meantime, check out our winners for each year!



Fiction: Cady Vishniac, “Bumper Crop”

Poetry: Ellen Seusy, “The Spiral Jetty”

Essay: Julialicia Case, “The Stories I Do Not Know For Sure”


Fiction: Rachel Toliver, “Legion”

Poetry: Jessica Guzman Alderman, “The Visible World”

Essay: Tara Deal, “Mirror Finish”


Fiction: Courtney Zoffness, “Peanuts Aren’t Nuts”

Poetry: sam sax, “Psychotherapy”

Essay: Lara Lillibridge, “Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder”


Fiction: Rebecca Foust, “Something Blue”

Poetry: John Sibley Williams, “Fog”

Essay: Kate Angus, “When We Were Vikings”


Fiction: Sharon Solwitz, “Magnify, Sanctify”

Poetry: Michelle Y. Burke, “Not By Extraordinary Means”

Essay: Rapheal Dagold, “Blackout”


Fiction: Tori Malcangio, “Ever Seen Sedona?”; Nikki Moustaki, “Big Blue”

Poetry: Susannah Nevison, “Preparing the Animal”; Tobias Wray, “Sci-fi Aubade”

Essay: Xujun Eberlein, “Clouds and Rain Over Three Gorges”