About ALR

Since 1990, the American Literary Review has been published through the Department of English at the University of North Texas. From the journal’s inception, we have made a point of publishing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction by writers at all stages of their careers. We look for writing that reveals the nuances and complexities of human experience, that surprises and moves us. Some contributors whose work we feel embodies these ideals include: Sam Sax, Laura Kasischke, Marcia Aldrich, Bethany Ball, Rebecca Faust, Wayne Miller, Michael Nye, Jericho Parms, Roger Reeves, Ira Sukrungruang, and Pimone Triplett. We seek work that challenges the reader’s imagination through fresh language and precise imagery. While respecting both craft and tradition, we are also interested in hybrid forms. Above all, we aim to publish work that reflects the diverse, rich tradition of writers living here and abroad, expanding the notion of what it means to publish literature that is American.

In 2013 we moved online. While our format has changed, our mission to publish high quality writing and visual art remains the same. In the Spring of 2022, ALR became fully student-run for the first time.


Aza Pace

Managing Editor:
Colleen Mayo

Fiction Editor:
Tiffany Isaacs

Poetry Editor:
James Davis

Essay Editor:
Cicily Bennion

Associate Fiction Editor:
Marcella Hunyadi

Associate Poetry Editor:
Brian Czyzyk

Associate Essays Editor:
Anna Chotlos

Interviews Editor:
Jonathan Duckworth

Reviews Editor:
Vince Granata

Flash Flood Editor:
Scott Ray

Fiction Contest Editor:
Mike Robbins

Poetry Contest Editor:
Brian Czyzyk

Essay Contest Editor:
Kendra Vanderlip

Copy Editors:
Anna Chotlos, Cassia Hameline, Madison Garber

Caitlyn Alario, Anna Chotlos, Ethan Cramer, Jonathan Duckworth, Madison Garber, Vince Granata, Lucas Jorgenson, Parul Kaushik, Heather Myers, Andrea Perez, Mike Robbins, Kendra Vanderlip, Ethan Wood, Josh Zimmerer

Faculty Advisor:
Jill Talbot