Reaching for Epiphanies: An Interview with John McCarthy

John McCarthy’s latest book, Scared Violent Like Horses, ruminates on growing up lower class in the Midwest and coping with family traumas. The stories of a hardscrabble life dominated by silos and switchgrass are told with an impressive tenderness that contrasts starkly with their often-painful subjects. Particularly striking are those [...]


Spring 2019 Issue

Featuring work by Gary Fincke, Sindya Bhanoo, Willy Palomo, Steven Harvey, Elizabeth Hazen, Julie Marie Wade, the winners of our annual contest, Cady Vishniac, Julialicia Case, and Ellen Seusy, an interview with Lucas Mann, artwork by Melissa Cundieff, and more!


Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful: An Interview with Dorothy Chan

...splitting time between writing, editing, teaching, and all things poetic is something Chan sees as a dream life, a fantasy come true. This idea–the true life fantasy–is something that often surfaces in her poetry whether that is creating the perfect array of dishes for a meal or the fetishization of [...]