Announcing the Winners of the 2015 American Literary Review ​Awards

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Fiction, judged by Garth Greenwell:

Winner: “Something Blue,” by Rebecca Foust
Runner Up: “House in the Woods,” Ronit Feinglass Plank
Finalists: “God is Love is Love is Love,” Sonya Larson
Colors Only Birds Can See in Their Mating Rituals,” Judith Shaw
Crossing the Commons,” H. E. Francis
Semifinalists: “Gone Means Gone,” Amanda McTigue
“The Panty Goblin,” Russell Working
“Ick,” Janna Brooke Cohen
“Home,” Jeanne Desy
“Missing Men,” Richard Jespers
“The Putin Resurrections,” Ree Davis

Creative Nonfiction, judged by Jill Talbot:

Winner: “When We Were Vikings,” Kate Angus
Runner Up: “Language from Later Days,” Jessica Wilbanks
Finalists: “According to the Map,” Karen Palmer
“Osama bin Laden is Dead,” Samantha Tucker
Semifinalists: “Alpha and Omega,” Jeffrey Schneider
“Naming the Hurricane,” L. Lanser Rose
“Pieces/Parts: On ISIS, Coming Out, and A Country that Doesn’t Exist,” Tracy Fuad
“The Day You Find Out Your Uncle was Gunned Down,” Lis
“The Lines Between Genres are Terrifically Blurred,” Lori Soderlind

Poetry, judged by Gregory Fraser:

Winner: “Fog,” John Sibley Williams
Runner Up: “The Last Tasmanian Tiger,” Timothy McBride
Finalists: “Last Things,” Robert Huddleston
The Harp Knows How to Be Stripped Bare,” Hannah Dow
Transport,” Kim Garcia
“Still/Life,” Pamela Davis
“In My Wife’s Vegetable Garden,” Owen McLeod