Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my work to the correct editor?

    Our reading period extends from October 1 to May 1. Submissions can be sent to us through our online Submission Manager for a fee of $3.

  • Why the $3 fee? 

    Our $3.00 fee is not a reading fee, but simply meant to cover the administrative and IT costs associated with our online submissions system. Hopefully, $3 is no more than you would spend on paper, ink, envelopes and postage. We also think you’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to upload your submission and track its progress from your own computer.

  • Does ALR accept simultaneous submissions?

    Yes, but you must indicate that the submission is a simultaneous submission in your cover letter. Please withdraw your submission immediately if it is accepted for publication elsewhere.

  • Does ALR accept submissions via e-mail or postal mail?

    No. We do not make exceptions. Please use our online Submission Manager.

  • How do I withdraw a submission?

    Log on to Submittable and click on “Submissions.” This will pull up a list of all submissions that you have made via Submittable. Click on the name of your submission that corresponds to “American Literary Review.” This will take you to a page where you can click on the “Withdraw” option for your submission.

    If you wish to withdraw only one poem out of a group of submitted poems, you will go to the same location as above, then add a note to the submission indicating which poem(s) you would like to withdraw. We will only remove the withdrawn poem and keep the others in the group under consideration.

  • How does ALR pay its contributors?

    At this moment we are unable to pay our contributors. We believe that the publication of your work in our journal is, on its own, a worthy recognition.

  • What is the word limit for submissions?

    We do not have a page or word limit for fiction or poetry; however, fiction with fewer than 8,000 words has the best chance of publication.

    Creative nonfiction has a word limit of 6,500 words.

  • When is your reading period?

    October 1 to May 1. Unsolicited manuscripts received outside the reading period will be returned unread.

  • Can my name appear on more than the cover sheet?

    For regular submissions: yes.

    For contest submissions: no.

  • Does ALR accept novels?


  • Does ALR accept novel excerpts?

    Only if the excerpt works as a stand-alone piece.

  • Does ARL accept unsolicited book reviews?

    We are not taking unsolicited book reviews at this time, but stay tuned for updates as we move completely online in the fall of 2013.

  • Can I submit more than one entry for your contest?

    You must pay the $15 reading fee for each submission, and you may include up to three poems per entry.  Complete Contest Guidelines.

  • How do I contact you?


  • I am a former/current student, staff, or faculty member at the University of North Texas. May I submit?

    No. If you have ever attended or worked at UNT, even if you were not connected with the English Department, you may not submit to the magazine.

  • What kind of creative nonfiction do you accept?

    Memoir, Personal Essay, Literary Journals, and Experimental Forms.

    We do not accept biographies, recipes, news articles, etc.

  • When can I expect a response concerning my manuscript?

    We receive a large number of submissions, and we read through them as quickly as possible, but this takes time to give each submission full consideration. Response time can range from 3-5 months.

  • Thank you for your interest in Ame