Felicia Zamora

Let let

Let us ride dusk; let us witness sun burn orange into granular strokes of blue, strokes of black; let us feed our pupils & our porous walls; let us pray to cricket’s song & the songs of all who melody their tale; let us speak when not spoken to; how voice, a type of magic, forms from body’s cellular threads; & how collect collect always disobeys us; how aspen shoots pock the ground; this basic: say everything, say aggressive love; say nature us, say divining rod of me; say, yes, please say; let us tame our tongue, but only so; let our hearts be not cages but cocoons; say what dormant flight inside you makes; our question lacks; let us turn word to instinct; say what makes flight inside you; ah there; how already chorus in the nest of you; & from our throats, let us crawl out.

How Exist

No term exists for the bluish-blackish dusk; how you on your back again in search of prayers in brushstrokes of twilight; peel back the underside of flesh, we all nocturnal; a secret etches in our folds, say story of; how the of unravels you; a ghost of a school bell & crickets bellow season within grasses, within crevasses; say heart, a type of fallacy—where tiny organs float in fluid; say compact brain; say system; say circulatory say system; how the chant longs to bring the parts to life; how living resembles you; imagine a body afloat amid a vastness of; say skull; say universe; your lungs as you speak reverberate night; how no season exists on your back; how no words exist for this; how all words exist in inadequate; say singular; a breath wipes across the stars.

Felicia Zamora is the author of the books Of Form & Gather, winner of the 2016 Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize, and & in Open, Marvel (Free Verse Editions/Parlor Press 2017). She won the 2015 Tomaž Šalamun Prize from Verse, and authored the chapbooks Imbibe {et alia} here (2016) and Moby-Dick Made Me Do It (2010). Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Crazyhorse, Hotel Amerika, Indiana Review, North American Review, Pleiades, Poetry Northwest, The Cincinnati Review, Michigan Quarterly ReviewTriQuarterly, Witness Magazine, West Branch, and other journals. She is an associate poetry editor for the Colorado Review and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Colorado State University.