Sindya Bhanoo, His Holiness

Molly Edmonds, Last Meal

Sydney S. Kim, α-Crystallin

Darryl Peers, Late Shift


POETRY, selected by the Editors

Ellen Seusy, The Spiral Jetty

FICTION, selected by Colin Barrett

Cady Vishniac, Bumper Crop

ESSAYS, selected by Ryan Van Meter

Julialicia Case, The Stories I Do Not Know For Sure


John Amen, Legacy

C. Fausto Cabrera #214176, Yes We Could

Andrew Collard, Pax Americana

Derek Gromadzki, Rhumb Lines

Elizabeth Hazen, The Bereaved

Rob Jacques, Dane Street Beach

R. Wood Lynn, Psalm for the Haters in the Back

Angie Macri, Spiral

S.A. McDonald, My Heart is Like a Dog

Willy Palomo, Mamoncillo

Carrie Shipers, The angry widows

David Swerdlow, Weight and Demeanor

Adam Tavel, The Crisfield Winter Consumptives of 1908; Phil Spector Points a Loaded Pistol

Lindsey Warren, Lauds


Dorothy Bendel, Murmuration

Kendra Clark, Se Qing and the Naked Truth

Gary Fincke, Sparklers

Steven Harvey, One Boy’s Luminous Skin 

Julie Marie Wade, The Suit


On “Meting Out Intimacy”: A Conversation with Lucas Mann