Grackles review Valley Girl 

Directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg 

Reviewed by Kat Moore and Kendra L. Vanderlip 

The totally tubular 80’s cult classic Valley Girl (1983) was directed by Martha Coolidge, who also directed other 80’s classics such as Real Genius and Joy of Sex. Her film Rambling Rose (1991) won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Director, as well as garnered Diane Ladd an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress, and an Oscar nomination for lead actress Laura Dern. In 2002, Coolidge became the first female president for the Director’s Guild of America. The independently produced Valley Girl was her breakout film, and helped launch the career of Nicolas Cage, as well as put Modern English’s “Melt with You” at the top of the charts. In Valley Girl, a girl from the valley, Julie (Deborah Foreman), falls for Randy (Nicolas Cage), a punk boy from Hollywood. Julie’s friends disapprove and want her to get back together with her former boyfriend, the popular jock, Tommy (Michael Bowen). The film is a teen romantic comedy of star-crossed lovers, and, much like Romeo and Juliet, their friends hope to keep them apart. However, it all culminates in a happy ending of teen lust and love.

Valley Girl (2020) is a remake of the cult classic and is directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg.  Goldenberg also directed the film Unpregnant, Adoption, and episodes of The Mindy Project as well as other television series. The remake of Valley Girl has a similar premise. However, this time it is told through flashbacks. Grown-up Julie (Alicia Silverstone) tells her just broken-up-with-daughter about her first love, Randy (Josh Whitehouse). In the flashbacks, young valley girl Julie (Jessica Rothe) falls for Randy, the punk boy from Hollywood. Julie’s friends don’t approve and want her to get back together with Mickey (Logan Paul). This Valley Girl is a jukebox musical.

Kat Moore: I really love the original. I love the original Julie, and Nic Cage as Randy. And Julie’s hippie dippie parents played by Frederic Fore