Marc Phillips

Straight Talk with Fat Lee

As much as anything, come spring mornings I come
to rescue frogs, Arthur, trapped frogs in your trough
in the fog and it doesn’t diminish my feelings
for you at all, love.

(I blow his pig mind that way’n
we hug like maybe once I oppressed him
but he has no idea what’s happening now
and we search among fossils
and arrowheads at dawn
a pig’n a man on stony bottomland
where night let white selvedge lay brief
for the new pasture smell.)

But we are a disco ball of turned backs
at sunrise, my friend
of man of pig above the firth momentarily,
not even tired of each other momentarily,
chesty modest heroes in some liplicker fashion
momentarily, ironized
then hillbound with 900 facets of nevermind per nm
and I can guarantee we are
what everyone thought they saw.
So I extra appreciate your demeanor.

You do know I love you
like I loved what I took for the difference between us?
It was an even swap. Hang on.
That was to have been complimentary, in my head.
The pig is instructed to disregard.

And we find ourselves where we always do
anyway: here. That’s the enormity of the present!
Don’t you wonder how we always find it?
We are eternally and no matter what else
here, Arthur and I swear on everything sniffy
there’s no more melon. Where would I hide
another melon, love? Ok we’ll rest.

And people, did I mention, being
just an entitled, mankind, simply
an entitled urge against deceleration,
hirsute’n bipedal by coincidence. I feel that.
But it could’ve been pig made man for height
and fucked up the brain thing,
is the tentpole I’m twirling.

You are intense adamancy, Arthur, but all of this could,
Arthur look before the heat makes me irrelevant,
this absolutely could be the detour you understand,
proving dioecious things are not on balance good
and none as yet are grand.

Marc Phillips had a virtual presence before the internet became a vicious shopping circle and spawned a dark child, before social media grew into the leviathan even an idiot could see coming. At present, all you can read about him is what others have said. Luckily for the curious, others have said some things.