Olga Shomska

Deer Story

We all knew that the rain will be heavy. We got used to it. We built a hotel in the town center—high and large, to place all residents. We actually lived there all the time. My room was on the third floor. It was a nice room, not big, with floral wallpaper. The flowers were green and ugly. I hated them. But I had no choice. I wish I had a room like Ann—with sunflowers on the walls, sunflowers to give me sunlight as we did not have any windows in our rooms. The windows were in the corridor. We contemplated the bad weather out of them.

There was a mirror in my room. When I looked into that mirror, I often saw different reflections of myself. One day I was a short-haired blonde. Then, the other day: a teenage boy. I did not know who I really was.

I had no friends. I liked Ann, but she paid attention to me only when I looked like a man. Some days I could get into her room and admire the sunflowers on her wall. Other days she pretended she did not know me.

The day of heavy rain came. I was sitting alone over the river. Suddenly, the river-flow increased. That was the first sign. I ran across the river while it was still shallow.

I ran toward the hotel. I was not scared, but I had to hurry up. The rain had started.

I reached the hotel and came inside. I had a feeling that I’d never been here. I got lost in numerous corridors that led nowhere. I climb