Bus Stop Of The Mind: An Interview With Rebecca Bernard

Interview conducted by Colleen Mayo

Rebecca Bernard’s debut collection of stories won the 2021 Non/Fiction prize from The Journal and was published by Ohio State’s Mad Creek Books in August 2022. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Alaska Quarterly Review, Southwest Review, Wigleaf, Witness, and elsewhere. She holds a PhD in Fiction from the University of North Texas and an MFA from Vanderbilt University. Her work received notable mention in the Best American Short Stories of 2018. She is an Assistant Professor in the English department at Angelo State University.  She serves as a Fiction Editor for The Boiler.

Colleen Mayo: I admire you and your work so much. We’re going on our fourth year of knowing each other (woah, time) and I’ve been lucky to read your writing since we met at University of North Texas back in 2019. Actually, I remember reading some of your publications before I moved to Denton—stories that would later appear in Our Sister Who Will Not Die like First Date and Harold, Protector of the Children—and thinking, “wow, if this writer is at UNT, that’s a place I want to be.” I was an immediate fan. You write with such wholeheartedness about complicated characters who’ve done condemnable, often t