FALL 2018


Kristen Arnett, Cowbirds

Wynne Hungerford, A Jackal in the Woods

David Priest, A Broken Tree


Joseph O. Legaspi, In Medias Res; Ókúrú

Donald Levering, Small Things

John McCarthy, Noise Falling Backwards

Maya Phillips, Poem Ending With a Scene of a Woman Alone

John Poch, Amarillo Ramp

David Salner, Forest Fire Viewed from the Kanawha Valley; Twin Peaks, the Way It Was

Marjorie Stelmach, The Laws of Perspective

Katherine Stingley, A Daughter is a Pilgrim

Richard Terrill, Dear Future

Brendan Walsh, we are great apes

Kathleen Winter, Gift; Ode to the Brain


Sheldon Costa, Kalos Kalgathos

Melissa Matthewson, Notes Toward Beauty


Boredom’s Bitter Pleasure: An Interview with Ruth Williams