FALL 2014

Gina Wilkerson


Linda McCullough Moore, Even So

Zacc Dukowitz, The Orb

Kate Krautkramer, The Train

Joe Milazzo, Even So From Crepsucule W/ Nellie

Jenny Lecce, Fury


Lending a Mineral Cast to the Words: An interview with Elizabeth Arnold


Doug Ramspeck, Ghost Lullaby; Alluvial Prophesy

John Sibley Williams, Breathings

Leonard Kress, Thanksgiving Meditation

Marjorie Stelmach, Survival in the Northern Woods

Esteban Rodríguez, Cactus

Lynn Powell, Gale Force Hymn

J. P. Dancing Bear, Within

Aleksey Porvin, translated by J. Kates, Three Poems

Matt Morton, Wavelength

John R. Beardsley, Thumb & Pointer

Lisa Lewis, Taxonomy of the Missing

Gary Whitby, Adding up the Days

Elizabeth Arnold, Arc

Kenny Williams, On the Boulevard

Jenny Mueller, Aspen

Rob Griffith, Suburbia, 4 A.M.; Slow Apocalypse

Patrick Ryan Frank, The Gun in the First Act

Liz Robbins, Lust; The Roswell Incident


Julie Chinitz, Don José in the Desert

Jim Sanderson, Two Christmases

Jenny Dunning, Homebody

Jan Shoemaker, Ellora


Kristina Marie Darling reviews Shira Dentz’s door of thin skins