AJ Atwater, Steeple Lassoer

Janelle Bassett, Prove It

Kanza Javed, It Will Follow You Home


POETRY, selected by Cyrus Cassells

Gabriella Fee, Trastevere

FICTION, selected by Amina Gautier

Temim Fruchter, Hungry

ESSAYS, selected by Reyna Grande

Kate McQuade, If I Don’t Answer


I Have Always Been a Water Woman: An Interview with Kelly Grace Thomas

Ellen Marie Leathers-Wishart is a photographer who lives in Dallas, Texas. Drawn to the utilitarian qualities of the medium, Ellen studied photography at Maryland Institute College of Art where she received her bachelor’s degree. She has since worked as an aerial photographer in Oregon and Texas. She is also a trained carpenter.

Although she has always been enchanted by the striking quality and magic of tintypes, it wasn’t until 2015 that she decided to learn how to make them herself. She apprenticed with an established photographer who taught her the process of exposing images directly onto metal plates. She then bought a large format camera and taught herself the rest.

“The people in my life are my greatest inspiration. Portraiture allows me to share the stories I see in others and tintype photography translates the stories in a very tangible way.”  -Ellen Marie Leathers-Wishart

In the spring of 2018, Ellen finished building her mobile tintype studio on a 16′ trailer that can be pulled to different locations with her truck. The entire process of creating a tintype portrait can be done within her studio. On the weekends, the studio lives in the parking lot of Death or Glory, a tattoo shop off of lower Greenville Ave in Dallas, and is available by appointment only. Ellen and her studio can also be hired for weddings and other private events. However, currently everything is on hold due to the coronavirus.