Jessica Cuello, Dear Mother [I had a dream]”

James Phillip Davis, Teaching a Gay Poem

Brian Chander Wiora, The Rain, The Movie, The Promise

Sophia Galifianakis, Canopy

Matthew Kilbane, Andrea

K.A. Hays, It’s Not For Me But I’m Here In It

Jai Hamid Bashir, In the Primate Room With the Beloved

Leila Bilick, Shevirat Hakelim

Jan C. Grossman, North Light; Some Say

Dante Di Stefano, Elegy for McCoy Tyner

Bess Cooley, The Day My Parents Accept an Offer on My Childhood Home

Jane ZwartBorrowing

Carolyn Guinzio, Shade; Want

Khal Torabully (Translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson), Three Poems

Maurya Simon, On Some Hand-Me-Downs from G-d

Natalie Homer, Dispatch in the Post Meridiem

Rick Hilles, My Brother, the Poet, at Nineteen

Supritha Rajan, What is it like to be a bat?

Despy Boutris, Baptism

John Okrent, April 12, 2020

Sarah Matthes, The Mercer Oak

Bryce EmleyPrayer for Return; Apostrophe for My Mother’s Ghost

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach and Luisa Muradyan, From: When the World Stopped Touching

D.R. Shipp, How to Build a Boat

Robin Gow, Escape Room With Family or A Coming Out Story

Bryce LillmarsDear Human

George Moore, Round World

Suzanne Manizza Roszak, Requiem 


L.I. Henley, Unusual Clouds

Zoë Bossiere, Into the Body of the Light


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