photo courtesy of Lisa Vining


Christine Fadden, The Geometry of Changing Course

Lauren Markham, Just A Cupful


Gabriel Houck, A Hurricane on My Television 

Richard Moore, Princeton Dreaming

Jericho Parms, Lost Wax


An Interview with Richard Burgin, by Ann McCutchan


Laurie Blauner, The Flight of Significant Objects

Joseph Fasano, The Dead

William C. Olsen, The Afterlife of Deer; Green Flash

Jonathan Barrett, The Alabaster Jar

Jen Edwards, Circus

Todd Davis, Cenotaph

Joelle Biele, When You Were at Children’s I Wanted to Go Back to When

Michalle Gould, Dirge for a Dinosaur by Its Bones

Richard Spilman, After She Died; Night People

Marjorie Stelmach, Keeping

Peter Cooley, And Then

Edward Mayes, Mola Salsa

John Hoppenthaler, Bamboo

Circe Maia (Translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval, Three Poems

Emma Bolden, Museum of the Body

Stephen Lackaye, In the Orchard